Annual membership is £50 or individual guest visits are £5 per evening. If you would like to join, pay annual subscription or have questions, please email: HCPS_Zoom@outlook.com


How should I supply my digital images?

Since acquiring a new projector, digital submissions now need to be as follows:

How should I supply my printed images?

Prints, of any size, should be mounted on card backing of size ideally 50 x 40cm.

Some competitions allow you to bring your printed images along on the night, others require you to bring them in earlier, depending on the judge's requirements. A club email will be circulated with the relevant details for each individual competition.

Where can I get my digital images printed

One of our suggestions is DS Colour Labs.

Where can I buy card photo mounts?

We recommend www.cotswoldmounts.co.uk.

This website / Flickr

My photos are not appearing on this website

This website shows a limited number of latest photos from the Flickr group. If you have recently added a photo to the group and cannot also see it on this website, check the following:

Is the photo available via public searches? To check this, try using the search bar to search for your photo whilst you are not logged in (giving the title a unique name will help here). If you photo does not appear in the search results then your photo and possibly Flickr account may be blocked from public feeds, so try the following…

  1. Check that your account is marked as Safe by Flickr: www.flickr.com/help/with/review – scroll down and look for "Your account has been reviewed as safe by Flickr staff." Ignore that yellow box at the top saying things have moved. If you cannot find that text then follow the instructions on that page to enable Flickr to review your account and mark it as Safe. Once that is done you should be able to add your photos back to the group and they should show up.
  2. Check that you have not ticked any boxes here (ie opted out of searches): www.flickr.com/account/prefs/optout/

The events calendar

How do I add upcoming events to (sync with) my own Google calendar?

  1. Visit the calendar in Google: click here. This may be easiest to do on a desktop.
  2. On the Google calendar page, click the + Google Calendar icon in the bottom right of the calendar.
  3. The calendar events should now have been added to you Google calendar and you will see the Holmes Chapel Photographic Society calendar option listed under My calendars.
  4. See this Google article for help and also this troubleshooting page.

How do I add upcoming events to (sync with) my other calendar, eg Apple iCal?

  1. You will need to copy the following calendar url:
  2. Then follow the instructions via these links to add the calendar url to your Apple iCal or Android Google Calendar.
  3. See this troubleshooting page for more help.